Amy Meijer - Photography



My work is about capturing life's vanishing and melancholy moments. 
Through self-portraits I am able to better understand and represent the transience of our existence. 
My self-portraits serve as a window to my own inner world. 
I'm drawn to the stark contrasts of black and white. 
As well as the interplay between light and shadow. 
By manipulating these elements, I am able to create a mood and atmosphere 
that enhances the emotional content of each image. 
My photos are a reflection of the fragile and fleeting beauty that surrounds us, but often goes unnoticed. 
The melancholy tone of my work evokes a feeling of nostalgia for moments that have passed, 
and a longing for moments that will never be. 
I strive to create a sense of stillness and contemplation.



Upcoming Graduaction Exhibition:  ‘Emergo’ | Location: Loods 6 Amsterdam | 25th, 26th, 27th 28th 2023 May 2023 


2020 – 2023 Conceptueel Beeld, FotoAcademie Amsterdam
2015 – 2020 HBO, Bachelor Fashion Design, Hogeschool Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)